Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winds of change from the East . Part 2

If you missed the beginning of the story, you can catch up with

To refresh your memory, this is where we left off...

As usual, I was browsing the MLS website - looking through all of the same old listings that we'd already been through and crossed off of our list - hoping for a new one to miraculously appear.

There wasn't anything.

So, on an off chance, I scrolled the map over to the East just a little bit.

Just a little bit farther East than we had been looking...


There it was.

Wrapped in dreamy shades of light blue, grey, and white was a beautiful Cape Cod inspired home.

My heart skipped a beat.

With a little bit of research
(Google Street View was invaluable during this house hunt),
I discovered...

...a sweet little village...

  • The downtown had unique little shops and restaurants.

  • The Elementry School won me over instantly with the no nonsense "school rules" posted on its website.

  • The homes looked  well cared for.

  • The village just had that feeling... a good place filled with good people.

...a lakeside community...

  • Just a few minutes walk to the waterfront.
  • A marina, a little river, and nature trails were just steps from the house.
  •  The whole neighbourhood - right down to the lamp posts - had a coastal, nautical, beachy style  (my absolute favourite).

 ..."The" house...
  • The pictures looked lovely with a nice white kitchen, hardwood floors, and balcony off of the master bedroom.

It was all I could think about.

I was in love with this village.

I was in love with this neighbourhood.

I was in love with this house.

There was only one problem...
I had no idea how long it had been on the market. 

Was it even still available?
If it was, what would we have to go through to get it?

I knew that it was listed for a good price and that we would have to act quickly...

...To be continued...

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