Friday, March 11, 2011

Hot Spot # 1 and excitement in folding

What do your dresser drawers look like?

Are they neat and tidy?  Or are they a jam packed rumpled mess?

Mine were getting... well... have a look for yourself...

They were so packed full and disorganized that things were starting to pile up...

Perfect timing to join in on Project: Simplify over at Simple Mom.

Every Monday for the next 5 weeks, a different Hot Spot is being announced.
Then it's time to get that spot in ship shape order.
Friday is the day to share about the experience.

Here's what I did for Hot Spot #1: Your Wardrobe

First, I put Ollie in his Jolly and put on some jumping and dancing music.

(yes - Oliver has his own computer mouse to play with)

I removed all of my clothes from the drawers and then sorted through them.
My 4 categories were...

clothes to keep
clothes to give away
clothes to throw out
clothes to re purpose the fabric into something else

Thank goodness I had a project supervisor to keep me on track...

Then I put away all of the clothes that I am keeping...

Beautiful, isn't it?

The biggest difference was made by the new way to fold shirts that I tried out.
I saw it on the TV show "Steven and Chris"
It just may change your life - well your drawers, at least.
If you're weird like me, and actually enjoy folding laundry, it might even excite you.

Here's the How To...

1. Lay your shirt out flat.

2.  Take your Left pointer finger and draw a line across the middle. 

3.  Place your Right pointer finger beside your left one.

4.  Draw a line with that finger straight up.

5. Pinch.

6.  While still pinching those two spots, cross your right arm Under your left and pinch at the bottom of the shirt.

7.  While still pinching everything, uncross your arms and shake it out a little bit.

 8.  Lay it back down on the surface like this...

9.  You can leave it like this...

10.  Or you can fold it over in half...

And there you have it!

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Thanks for the shirt folding tutorial! I'll go try it out. (Visiting from Project: Simplify.)


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