Monday, March 28, 2011

Want to play Shuffle Stuff with me?

Well, we've avoided a crisis.

We arrived home Saturday evening, after being away for 6 days, only to discover that we'd left behind the power cord for our laptop... and its battery was dead.

Would we be able to survive computerless while waiting for it to be mailed back to us?


Thank goodness we didn't have to find out.
We found a universal cord at the local electronics shop.

Crisis averted!


Since we were away this week, I was unable to work on Project Simplicity.

Better late than never!
So once the suitcases were unpacked, the washer and dryer were humming along, and the fridge and pantry were restocked... I could focus on...

Hot Spot # 3 : Kids Clothes & Toys

Oliver's wardrobe is one area that I have been bound and determined to keep on top of.
Back when I was pregnant and waiting for little Ollie, I washed and sorted all of the tiny outfits that we'd so generously been given.

It was then that I gave myself the goal that he would wear everything at least once.
And so far so good.

As Ollie grows out of his clothes, I store them away into bins in the closet and move the next size up from the bottom drawer of his dresser.

Now, toys are a different story.

As Oliver grows, so does his collection of toys.
And since our home of the moment (new house is less than a month away!)
is a tiny rented condo, space is a little bit of an issue.

Please note all of the stuff around the closet instead of in it.

Most days, I feel like I'm playing a game which I like to call "Shuffle Stuff".

The rules are pretty simple. 

1.  Shuffle stuff between baskets and bins and boxes and drawers.
2.  Shuffle piles of stuff from one room to another.
3.  Shuffle stuff to get to the other stuff that you need.

And make sure that the stuff that you need is at the back of a closet behind layers and layers of stuff and more stuff!

Well, I've tackled that stuff by giving it away, throwing it away, and packing it away.

Here's the result...

Please note the lack of stuff around the closet.

I had a successful round of Shuffle Stuff with this bin underneath the crib...

...and this little basket...

Today's game of Shuffle Stuff turned out rather well... fact...

I think, for a change...

I won.

Thanks for stopping by.

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