Friday, February 18, 2011

Peek-a-Boo! Let's take a look Behind the Easel

One of my intended purposes of this blog is to share a behind the scenes look at my art.

Let's label these posts Behind the Easel.

My best friend, Meghan, mentioned that it would be interesting to see photos of my drawings at different stages of completion.

So I've started to take pictures as they progress... when I actually remember to do so!

The first drawing that I'd like to share is a very special one...
On Great Grandpa's Knee.

It is a drawing of Oliver sitting with his Great Grandfather that was inspired by this photo...

Taken at Thanksgiving 2010 by my mom, Bonnie

Here is a look at my set up.  Our printer wasn't working (and still isn't) so I had to refer to the picture on the laptop screen... which saves paper anyway.

Notice the blue painter's tape?  I ALWAYS tape off the edges of my drawings.  This creates a nice crisp 1" border and allows for easier framing and handling.

I start out with a basic outline using willow charcoal - which is the lightest of the 3 types that I use.

...Maybe I'll do a more detailed post about the different types and the tools that I use if anyone is interested...

 So I carry on, forming lines into shapes and adding to the darker areas with compressed charcoal.

More detail is added to the faces and clothing and the darkest parts are accentuated even more with black conte.

Then the background gets a little bit more interesting with my signature swirls.

Finally, the tape is removed - and there you have it...


I'd love you hear what you think - please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions, ideas, criticisms, etc.

Oh, and I mustn't forget the best part of today's post!

Ollie and I had a blast today playing one of his favourite games...




Thank you for your thoughts.