Monday, March 21, 2011

A ruffled addiction

a beach cottage

I was inspired to learn how to make these...

They're something different to decorate with for Oliver's first birthday party... which is just a good excuse to make them.
Since I had never made them before, this video helped me learn how.

A warning of CAUTION before you attempt this project - it is highly addictive... you might not be able to stop making them.

Here's the how to...

1.  Gather your supplies.
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • stapler with staples

2.  Spread out 8 - 10 sheets of tissue paper - I personally prefer 10.

3.  Fold it accordion style.  Staple at the centre.

4.  Cut the ends into a rounded shape.

5.  Spread out.

6.  Gently pull each sheet towards the middle.  First on the one side...

...then on the other side.

Repeat until you've pulled up 5 on each side (if you're using 10 sheets - 4 on each side if you're using 8 sheets).

7.  Flip over...

...and repeat on this side.

8.  Fluff and primp until you're satisfied.

They're just so lovely...

Light, airy, dreamy ruffles...

Thanks for stopping by.

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