Friday, March 25, 2011

This cake really quacks

Wow - it's been a busy few days!
Oliver is now officially one year old.
We celebrated this milestone with the Rubber Duck Potluck.
It was a great day and Thank You to all who came out and made it happen!

Want to have your own Rubber Duck themed party?
Well, you'll need a duck cake, of course.

I made this one for Ollie's special day and I am so happy with how it turned out!

Here's the how to...

1.  Bake some cake!
I baked mine the evening before decorating day.  It worked out great because they had plenty of time to cool overnight and it broke up this somewhat overwhelming task.

If you don't have a go to chocolate cake recipe, take a look at mine here.

These are the cake shapes that you'll need...
a 9x13 rectangle, a 9" circle, a 10" or 11" circle, and one baked in a small oven safe bowl (for the head).

2.  Whip up some icing.
I ended up using 3 batches (find the recipe here).
I used food colouring to create blue, yellow, orange, and green.

3.  Let's start assembling with the base.
I used an upside down cookie sheet covered in foil.

4.  Flip your 9x13" rectangle onto the base.

{Tip: if you line the baking dish with parchment paper, this is easier - and clean up is a breeze.}

5.  Time for some blue icing.

I didn't need to do a crumb coat since everything was nice and smooth and... well, crumbless.  I think this was due to the parchment paper.
I drew wave like texture into the icing.

6.  Next, start creating the duck by placing the smaller 9" round cake and frosting the top.  It doesn't really matter what colour because you won't see it until you cut the cake.

7.  Place the larger 10" or 11" round cake on top.

8.  Now, we need to add a tail.  I made mine out of rice krispies treats.  To save on time, I used the already made, pre-packaged ones...

Shape into a tail and use icing as glue to place onto the cake.

{Tip: also use toothpicks to secure - I had some tail drooping issues with the weight of the icing and had to add some toothpicks at the end.}

9.  Do a crumb coat with yellow icing.

10.  Add the head with the cake that was baked in a bowl and a beak shaped out of rice krispies treats (use toothpicks).

11.  Crumb coat the head.

I chilled mine at this point for a little bit.

12.  Next, add a final top layer of yellow icing.

13.  Smooth out some areas, like the head, using the edge of a piece of paper.

14.  Draw some texture into the icing for the wings.

15.  Cover the beak with orange icing.  Draw on eyes with a piping bag - I used white and green icing.  I also piped blue icing around the base of the duck and the base of the blue rectangle.

And there you have it...
a cake that quacks!

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Cakes are so fun and your little one is very loved by the looks of the cake you made for him! Great job!

  2. That is adorable! The colors are so fun and I'm SUPER impressed with your rice krispy techinque:)

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