Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A charcoal reveal

It's finally finished.

My first drawing of 2011 is complete!

charcoal on paper . 18 x 24 . 2011

Let's take a look Behind the Easel.

I used a couple of my bird trinkets as a reference...

...and began to sketch in the basic bird shapes with Willow Charcoal.

Next, I started to shade in the background by using the side of the Willow Charcoal stick and then blending.

Then I started adding to the darker areas with Compressed Charcoal...

...and then Black Conte.

With this drawing, I wanted to try something a little different by incorporating some pattern.
I cut a template out of card stock.

And drew around it using a retractable eraser stick.

The pattern was inspired by the design on the ottoman in my son Oliver's nursery.

Time to remove the painters tape...

...revealing a nice white border for easier handling and framing.

Here's another look at the final piece...

Well, what do you think?
Let me know below.

The working title for the drawing was "Feathered Trio".
I'm not sure if I want to keep that title or change it.

Have any suggestions?  What do you think I should call this drawing?

All comments and criticisms are welcome!

Thanks for stopping in.

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  1. This is beautiful. I'm a new follower.

  2. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog thanks to The Lettered Cottage's post on FB, which raved about your beach bottles (which were awesome). :)

    Your birds turned out beautifully! And I love the pattern you created behind them.


  3. I came over from Lettered Cottage. Your charcoal is stunning! I have three kids so anything with three birds is always my fave. I love your beach bottles too. ♥

  4. Beautiful.. you are quite talented!! I love charcoal.. and pencil.. there is something so simple yet earthy about this medium

    I popped over from Sarah's.. have a lovely week.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. Visiting from Sarah's Beach Cottage. This is stunning! Do you sell your art? I LOVE this!

  6. Gorgeous, Andrea. I love the idea of erasing the pattern.

  7. This is simply beautiful Andrea, I'm visiting form A Beach Cottage and so glad I have! :-)

    Jem xXx

  8. simply beautiful.

  9. Wow, I love your charcoal drawing, you make me want to try one! Your work is amazing, thank you for sharing!

  10. Thank you for all of the positive feedback!

    Sue - I do sell my art and have done so at local galleries in the past. I've been thinking of different options as well, like through the blog or possibly opening an Etsy shop down the road.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions -
    andrea.brand.art [at] gmail.com

  11. Well done. I come from a family with a strong background in art (watercolor, oils, pastels, etc.) and even though I didn't get that talent so much I know yours is really done well and so interesting and such cute birds.

  12. Very well done! I am now following you.

  13. I have been looking for an art project for my kiddos in homeschool, and this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I think what makes it even better, is something simple (birds) and you turned it into a beautiful piece of artwork. That was what I was trying to get across that you don't have to always have the most expensive items to make an art piece, sometimes it is right before you. Thanks for the motivation!!! and great work!


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