Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let there be light

Last week on my birthday trip to Ikea, I picked out one of my all time favourite little lamps.

When we got it home, I was excited to get it set up on my nightstand - which, for the past year, has been patiently waiting in the dark for the perfect lamp to come along.
So I grabbed a brand new light bulb from our stash in the hall closet only to discover that there's no way that bulb is going to fit in my new lamp.

My awesome husband headed out to the hardware store to find the perfect match as I eagerly awaited his return.
Well, he came home with a funny looking bulb to try and a word of warning from the lighting department... 

This is a common problem with lamps from Ikea and you might have to buy a light bulb directly from Ikea.

While I was in NO way, shape, or form upset about a return trip to that miraculous Marketplace... I just thought that idea was a little bit silly.

Of course, this new funny shaped bulb did not fit.

So I went about my errands - wishing for the perfect bulb, but not overly upset since the solution would mean another trip to Ikea.

Later that day, I found myself at the local grocery store and realized that they had a light bulb section.  I decided to give it one last try and carefully looked over every single type of light bulb that they had.  Finally, I chose the one with the tiniest base (which only came in a 4 pack).

When I got the bulbs home, I wondered if this was how Prince Charming felt...
...would these bulbs be the Cinderella to my glass slipper?

Yes!  The perfect fit!

Now, my nightstand just shines!

Oh, and please don't worry about that funny shaped bulb from the hardware store...
it found a home in the lamp on the other side of the bed...
...and they lived happily ever after.

Has anyone else come across this problem before?

Thanks for stopping in.

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