Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Moonlight Madness Moustache

Today we went to the Moonlight Madness Sale at our local Zellers.  It just so happened that we arrived just before the 6pm start time.  So Oliver and I headed to the very end of the long line of shoppers.

I was soon reminded that generosity and kindness are alive and thriving in our small town.

For, as soon as I reached the end of that line, the couple ahead of me asked me if I'd like a cart.
The gentleman proceeded across the parking lot, returned with a cart in tow, and helped me get little Ollie situated.  Oh how nice!

But wait!

There was something even nicer about that fellow...

He had the most wonderful moustache.  It was one of those with the delightful little curls at the ends.

Sort of like this guy...


His name is Son of Moustachio and he is also available in a plush version...


Check out to find an entire collection of curious characters. 

And to all of you kind and thoughtful people out there (who deep down are Moonlight Madness Moustache Men at heart)...

Thank you. 

What actions of kindness and generosity have you experienced lately?


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