Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Chalkboard for Oliver

Oliver loves to draw on our chalkboard wall.
It's in our front hallway above some of the board and batten that we put in last year just before moving into this house (one of these days I'll get around to posting about it)!

Since the chalkboard is definitely not at toddler height, Ollie is in my arms when we're drawing there... and as he grows bigger and heavier each day, this activity becomes less and less fun for me.

That's where this lovely little thing comes in...

It's a peel and stick chalkboard that I found at the so called "Save money. Live better." store.
Funny story about that actually!
After checking out, I decided to stop and look over my receipt before leaving the store...
the total just seemed a little too high
(I write down a running total of prices rounded up to the nearest dollar while I shop... a little weird perhaps, but I like to know what I'm spending and it's become a habit).

Sure enough, the chalkboard sticker was $4 more than it should have been.  I almost just left, not wanting to be the kind of person who squabbles over a few dollars, but I had the time and didn't have a child in tow, so why not.  Well, after a price check at the customer service counter, they immediately refunded the $4 and then gave me an extra $10 for charging me the wrong price in the first place.  So the chalkboard ended up being under $5 and I learned that it's definitely worth it to inquire further when you think you've been overcharged.

Oliver absolutely adores his very own chalkboard.  Sitting at his little chair and drawing on the chalkboard is now one of his favourite things to do.

Another little artistic discovery occurred the other day as well.  I placed a colouring page from the newspaper on Oliver's table for him to colour on at his leisure and went about my daily household tasks (aka "puttering" like I mentioned in this post).

I totally forgot about the sheet until later that night when I was wiping down his table.

That's when I discovered that he had coloured the sheet with chalk instead of crayons... which is fine... but what really blew me away was that he hadn't just scribbled randomly all over the page like usual.  The scribbles were concentrated on the specific characters and things in the picture.

Just another reminder that our little guy is growing up...

 ...while bringing amazement and wonder into our lives every single day!

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