Friday, February 24, 2012

Twinkle Toast and Star Sandwiches

Today, I am excited to share with you Oliver's favourite breakfast of late...

Making this star-shaped "Twinkle Toast" is easy peasy.

And at Oliver's request...

...his favourite cereal supplies the finishing touch.

When lunchtime rolls around, Ollie's favourite - tuna & "toe-toes" - get the star treatment as well.

A few quick cuts when making meals is definitely worth the delight on his face and "twinkle" in his eyes!

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  1. So creative. I love it and I'm 30! ;) ;)

  2. Love this! What a fun way to make meal times special! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I know a little girl who will eat everything on her plate if presented in this shape. Yum!

  4. This rocks! It's a well known scientific fact that toast and sandwiches that come in cool shapes are 200% tastier :P You're such a cool mom!


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