Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super Simple Seashell Stars

Not too long ago, I received a big bag of shells from a friend's parents.  A handful of them were sitting on my table when inspiration hit!  They were lying in the shape of a star.

Add a little hot glue... and you get Super Simple Seashell Stars.

Here's the how to...

Select and Set out.
Choose the shells you wish to use and lay them out in a star pattern.  Some will work out better with 5 points, some with 6, depending on the size and shape of your shells.

Stick it to 'em.
Add hot glue where the shells will connect to each other and place them together.

Secure and Stable.
Extra hot glue added to the back adds to the stability of the star.  If you'd like to hang your creation, add a loop of ribbon or twine too.

Show off.
Display your Seashell Stars on a table, in a bowl, under a cloche, or wherever you like.

They can even be stacked...

hmm... looks like the beginnings of a Christmas tree... I guess we'll save that one for a snowy day!

For now, these Super Simple Seashell Stars are celebrating Summer!

Now a question for you...
Do you like them au natural or should I spray paint them white?

Thanks for dropping by.



  1. They are beautiful but I would sooo paint them white! They are gorgeous!

  2. So pretty! I love them just as they are, natural. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think both...I really like them natural but could see how white would make them really crisp and stand out on a table!!!

    Great idea!!

    Stopping by from voiceBoks! Feel free to drop by Always Just A MoM! Very excited to follow your blog!


  4. oh! I love these! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Welcome to VB!!

  5. Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful! Aw...I love my glue gun. The awesome things a glue gun can help create. But this I would have never thought of! So creative! I think I like them natural. But you could always paint one white to compare.

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks! :)


  6. Very nice, Love the site! I will be coming back for more :)

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  7. These are really pretty. I would do a few white and a few natural then pair them up :) I found your blog through Voiceboks and am really glad I did. I hope you'll come visit me and follow me back at http://healthykidshappykids.blogspot.com and/or http://mommychosis.blogspot.com

    Thanks and have a lovely day!

  8. What a clever idea!!! I would leave some natural and paint some! They would make such cute Christmas ornaments!!!! Especially tied with a really pretty ribbon!!! Wow, you have me thinking and I'm not even that crafty!! I love your site. I love ferns too, but always seem to kill them!!! I found you on voiceboks and am so glad I did!!! Welcome to voiceboks!!! I'm a happy new follower! I look foward to more of your great posts!

  9. I would paint some white and leave some natural. What an adorable project! You are gonna need to come visit me and help me decorate lol!


  10. These look great! I think my kids would love making them too:)
    Thanks for sharing your ideas,
    Kristina :)

    (Visiting from voiceBoks)

  11. What a fun idea! I love how they turned out. I like the natural look, but white would be nice too.


  12. These are so beautiful. The ones with bright brown colors really stand out. I love them natural and would not paint them as I think they would lose their individuality painted white. Take care,VBg

  13. Fabulous idea!! I love them left natural :O)

  14. I would use small shells and spray paint silver and gold. Then add a ribbon to hang on my Christmas tree or maybe decorate a wreath.

  15. Great idea! Stack them up for a shell tree

  16. I've got different shaped shell's. But I have them set to glue. 6 total. I suggest that you use baby oil,then spray a Polly coat.

  17. Prendi una bomboletta di argento e dipingere vengono stupende, prova sarai entusiasta


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