Monday, June 13, 2011

Friendship in a Box

Yesterday I told you about the arrival of a special package.

Well, today let's find out what's inside!

It's Leo!  He's come all the way from North Carolina and the home of Debbie at McCormick Madness.

He's making his way across America and I am so pleased that our home in Ontario, Canada is his first stop.  Interested in joining in on Leo's journey?  Get the details here.

In true Canadian fashion, Leo received a warm welcome from Oliver...

...and they have become fast friends.  We've been having lots of fun showing Leo what our life is like here, so I'll be sharing all about it in the following days.  In the meantime, check out where Leo's journey began  if you're interested!

Thanks for stopping by.

Leo is Lollygagging Across America  .  See where he came from


  1. CUTEST thing ever!!! Seriously, not kidding!!! The monkey and the baby are meant to be!

  2. How adorable! Your little one and Leo will have some great times before Leo continues on his trip.

  3. adorable! Hopefully Oliver will understand when Leo has to continue on his journey :)


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