Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome Wagon Wackiness

My husband, Chris, is working the night shift tonight, so after Oliver and I waved him goodbye, we enjoyed a quick dinner.  Ollie likes to feed himself... and it shows... so he went right into the bathtub.

I had just taken him out of the bath and wrapped him in a towel, when the doorbell rang.

So I gathered up my toweled baby bundle and headed downstairs to see who was waiting on the front porch.  I had just opened the door when our dog, Roxy, hurtled past me before I even had a chance to think of grabbing her collar.

Needless to say, the Welcome Wagon woman at my door received a big wagging tail, flopping tongue welcome from Roxy.  Unfortunately, with my hands full of squeaky clean naked towel wrapped baby, I was still unable to get a hold of that dog before she bounded off of the front porch.

The wonderful Welcome Wagon woman went after her and thankfully brought our pooch back to the porch and into the house.

Once I had Oliver dressed in something other than a towel, I was able to welcome the Welcome Wagon woman into my home.  A home with dinner dishes on the counter, a toy explosion all over the floor, a nosy slobbery dog, and some very comfortable living room furniture...

These borrowed folding camp chairs are filling in until we find a couch the fits our family as well as our budget.

The Welcome Wagon woman had a basket of little gifts and info about our new neighbourhood for us... and even a bag of yummy dog treats for Roxy.

And my embarrassment over the state of our house was slightly lessened when she told me about the 11 month old baby in her own toy explosion home.

Do you have a similar experience?
Has an unexpected guest ever caught you off guard? 

If you want to learn more about Welcome Wagon, check out their website.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. A naked baby wrapped in a towel, smelling like baby wash says, "I just got out of a tub," a naked child running around the house says, "We're heathens." Guess which one I had when our neighbor came by to welcome us to the neighborhood. My oldest was one of those children that would not keep clothes on. He was one of those toddlers that would strip down to his diaper while strapped in his carseat, so that he needed to be dressed when we got to wherever our destination was. He was one of those children that would zip through the house butt naked until you caught him and made him put some clothes on.

    So I greeted my welcome wagon with my hair a mess, DR furniture in the LR(was pulling up carpet in the DR,) toy explosion, and naked hyper 5yr old running around. She smiled, said, "He reminds me of my Freddy, you'll be needing these," and handed me a plate of blueberry muffins.

    You know the saying "If you'd like to see me, drop in any time. If you'd like to see the house, make an appointment." That's what I live by. My house is never going to look like anything other than a house that a family with children lives in, but I'm happy to have guests at any time. Sounds like a wonderful neighborhood and neighbors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ok - now ONLY YOU could make camp chairs look trendy and cute. lol

    I sent you an e-mail about LEO - did you get it?

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