Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Creating A Christmas Advent Tree

This year will be the first Christmas in our new house.  I am so excited about the holiday decorating, the baking, and the time we will spend with family and friends.  Since we've purchased a new large tree, the little tree from my apartment days was destined to stay packed away in the basement.  Until I saw this...


I'd been thinking of creating some sort of Christmas advent project for our son Oliver, so when I found this advent tree on I knew that my search was over!  And as an added plus, my little tree would be able to spread some Christmas cheer once again.

Here it is all decked out with little presents for Ollie - one for each day in December leading up to Christmas...

And here's how it all came together...

Cut It Out
Burlap can be found at the local hardware store this time of year, but instead of wrapping trees and plants with it, start by cutting it into squares or rectangles.  The size will depend on the toys and treats that will go inside.  Jute string is also cut into lengths.

Toys & Treats
Place a toy or treat - or maybe even both - in the center of each burlap square.  Some suggestions...

Dinosaurs and Chocolate Santas

Cars and Coins (chocolate or real)

Whether it's crayons, little books, blocks, cars, or dinos, whatever your child is into at the moment will do!

Wrap It Up
Bring the corners of the burlap together then tuck as necessary and tie with a piece of jute, string or ribbon.

Nifty Numbers
Stick-on numbers get the job done quickly and easily.  If you have the time, other options for adding on numbers include painting, stenciling, or using decorative tags.

"Tree" Lights
Since there aren't any electrical outlets where our advent tree sits, I thought that a string of battery operated Christmas lights would work, but I was unsuccessful in finding any at our local department store.  So I picked up a few packages of these battery tea lights or "tree" lights.  It's so worth the little bit of extra effort to turn each one on/off individually.  The flickering glow is absolutely magical!

Top That Tree
A little teddy makes the perfect tree topper.  A piece of numbered burlap is tucked into the little pouch on this guy (it's actually for a gift card), but could also be pinned, tied, or sewed on.

Our completed Advent Tree is a welcoming addition to our front foyer.  It is decorated simply with ribbon, "tree"lights, and 24 little burlap bundles; a knitted scarf becomes a tree skirt when draped around the base.

The tree sits on my recently completed Weathered Turquoise Side Table.  The drawers will be perfect for tucking away the burlap and jute when they are opened each day.  That way they'll be organized and ready for next year.  A pretty box or basket would work great for this too.

Now all we have to do is wait until December 1st!

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  1. Oh I love this! It turned out so great! Now my mind is a ready to start getting the house Christmas'd up!
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. what a cute idea!!! I really need to make an advent calendar one of these years. :-)


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