Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!

I love the idea of choosing a "word of the year".  A word chosen at the start of the new year to ponder on and provide inspiration throughout the months to come.  I started a list of possible words and chose the word spark for 2012.  A little spark came to life that year - our daughter Amelia.  For 2013 I thought long and hard about a word of the year and revisited and added to that same list of possible words.  I even started a blog post, but never finished it.

Over the past couple days, I've been looking back at 2013.  As I did so, I began to notice that the word "push" had been quietly motivating me throughout the year, which I wrote about yesterday.  I realized that I had made an effort to push myself outside of my comfort zone as well as push past and surpass some of my goals and expectations.

While pondering on a word today to choose for 2014, I came across that old list from previous years and, right smack in the middle of that list, found the word push.

Notice how the word push is the only one all in lower-case letters?  Totally found it that way.  I think push chose me last year and I didn't even realize it.

For this upcoming year, I want to keep the forward momentum that the word push unwittingly provided last year.  My word for 2014 has been popping up in my mind lately and is also on that old list, right at the top.  The word "go".

Oh yeah!  I almost forgot!  I have a 5k race to get to.  Going to start this year off running!
Let's go!

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