Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hi there!

It has been well over a year since I've stopped on by to this, my little corner of the internet.  As we all know, a whole lot can happen and change in just a year's time!  A new year is just about to begin and I find myself not only looking ahead, but reflecting back upon how far we've come.  I've thought of all you lovely readers and this blog many times along the way.  I even wrote a few posts, but something kept me from clicking that "Publish" button.

Photo by Rebecca Leigh Photography

In November 2012 we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Amelia, into the world.  She is pure joy.  The first few months of her life included some major adjustments on my part as I learned how to become a mother of two.  Now, a year later, I can't imagine our family any other way.

Amelia (we often call her Millie) is a very happy girl who never stops moving unless she is asleep!  Whenever she hears music, she does a little wiggle.  She knows what she wants (usually food) and isn't afraid to let you know too (usually by pointing, waving and saying "mmm").  In fact, she isn't afraid of much and I can already see a feisty, daring side to her!  She loves her dollies, snuggling, and giving amazing hugs.

Oliver will be turning 4 this coming Spring and is growing up right in front of our eyes!  He loves big trucks (with doors that open), Buzz Lightyear, and building with blocks.  He enjoys doing puzzles and is very good at them.  He operates tablets, smartphones, and iPads like a pro and I'm sure he could teach me a thing or two about them already.  Even though sibling rivalry shows up from time to time, there are many sweet and caring big brother moments that melt my heart.

Photo by Rebecca Leigh Photography

When I think about why I didn't post here for so long a few reasons come to mind.  I was busy with a new baby and an active little boy.  I wasn't taking quality photos with my good camera.  I was focusing on "real" life, not a "virtual" one.  But when I'm truly honest with myself, I think the real reason was fear.  The fear of how my on-line posts will affect my children.  The fear of possibly exposing my family to unsavoury individuals.  The fear of sharing too much with the outside world.

While fear can be a necessary emotion that keeps us out of harm's way, give in to it too often, and we miss out on so many good things.  And fear is just that... an emotion.  It doesn't have to control us.  In choosing how we react to it, we control our fear.

In 2013 I pushed through many fears...

The fear of sickness, disease and not being around for my kids pushed me to strive for a healthier life.  The way I eat and how I view food have changed. I stopped eating processed food and now try to eat mostly "real food".  We built and grew a vegetable garden in our tiny backyard.  Through this, I discovered a passion for plants and growing things.

This past year, I joined a gym, took yoga classes, and began working out with a personal trainer.  All things that a shy, quiet, and reserved person like myself find a little bit intimidating.  Now, I'm 25 lbs lighter, physically and mentally stronger, and have gotten to know a lot of great people who I wouldn't have met otherwise.  Oliver and Amelia love the kids room and the staff at the gym too.

Recently, I completed a little 5k race while visiting my home town.  Many friends and family members helped to raise $380 for charity by sponsoring me (my goal was $200).  I ran a personal best time of 34 min that day (my goal was to be under 40 min).  Pushing past those goals felt amazing!

I even pushed myself to drive a little bit on the very busy 401 highway this year (a couple times)!  Being in a car has been an intense fear of mine that I've dealt with for several years, so that's pretty huge for me!

So I guess there is one more fear to push through before this year is over - clicking that "Publish" button.

Well, here goes nothing...

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