Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Cookies Are Calling {Home Made Decorative Sugar}

The other day, I came across the extra sugar cookie dough that was put in the freezer around Christmastime.  Cake, pie, candy, and chocolates... they're all absolutely delicious, but for me the reigning sweet treat of them all are cookies.  So, while a little bit dangerous, I thawed that lovely ball of dough and began choosing cookie cutters.

Not up for fiddling around with a batch of icing, I needed a quick and easy way to decorate those cookies.  I was wishing that my pantry was stocked with coloured decorative sugar when I realized... why not make my own coloured sugar!

Home Made Decorative Sugar

5 heaping tablespoons of sugar
2-7 drops of food colouring
1 jar with lid

Combine ingredients in jar, put on the lid, and shake!  Spread out on a plate or tinfoil to dry for a bit if necessary.

So, are you wondering when would be the best time to add decorative sugar to your cookies?  Unlike icing, decorate with sugar before baking.  Sprinkle on and lightly pat down with your fingertip.

Once your sugar cookies are cut out and placed on a cookie sheet (and sugared), place the sheet of cookies in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.  This will help them to hold their shape when baking.

On a blustery winter day... or any day for that matter... you can't beat the sweet smell from the oven and the sight of glittery blue cookies on the counter.

Can you hear them?  They're calling my name.

And my pantry is now stocked with my very own decorative sugar...

...ready and waiting for next time!

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  1. Colored Sugar is always a fun way to amp up some sugar cookies...and all the pretty colors!!


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