Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 13: Cracker Snacks and Cowboy Hats

Howdy, partner!

"There's a little cowboy in all of us, a little frontier."

Today's quote is brought to you by our little cowboy...

A snack of crackers and a cowboy hat go hand in hand.

It's so much fun...

...when you're home on the range.

Hats off... all the cowboys out there.

Ride on, cowboy.

Ride on.

Thanks for riding by.

This post is part of my blog series, "31 Days of Words to Live By".  For the month of October, I will be sharing my favourite quotes and sayings while incorporating them into daily life and art projects.

This series was inspired by The Inspired Room, where you'll find other "31 Days" series among many other wonderful things!

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Day 13: Cracker Snacks and Cowboy Hats



  1. OH.MY.GOSH. HE is SO cute!!!!! I cannot get over his little checkered shirt and hat!!! what an absolute doll!

  2. Ava Addison is your average 13-year-old. She likes spending time with her friends, riding her bike and going to the movies. But what makes her unique is her love for all things pink cowgirl hat.


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