Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bells and Whistles

I had a Blackberry once.  And even though it had way more bells and whistles than I could possibly find a use for, I still quite liked it.  Unfortunately, our dog, Roxy, liked it even more.

I suppose that I could use the classic "The dog ate my Blackberry" excuse for my infrequent blog posts of late...
{and leave out the part about how that phone's doggy demise actually happened years before Charcoal and Crayons began}
...but that would be lying.  So I'll just stick to the truth instead.


I've been running.

I can't pinpoint exactly why I decided to start running - especially since I've never considered myself a runner and even hated track and field in school.  I definitely don't look like the typical runner either.

I guess what attracted me the most to running would be its simplicity...

"If you run, you are a runner.
It doesn't matter how fast or how far.
It doesn't matter if today is your first day or if you've been running for twenty years.
There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get.
You just run."

...no bells and whistles required.

So despite the odds, training to run over the past 3 months has been an incredible experience and actually enjoyable... with that good ol' Blackberry eating hound dog beside me every step of the way, of course.

The goal is to cross the finish line of the local 5km race coming up on October 1st.

Also starting on October 1st, I will be doing a special series of blog posts inspired by The Inspired Room, entitled...

31 Days of Words to Live By

I'll be sharing my favourite quotes and sayings while incorporating them into daily life and art projects for the month of October.

If you're interested in joining in with your own 31 Days series or would like more information, go HERE.

Oh, and if your phone has far too many bells and whistles than you know what to do with, I know someone who can take care of that for you.

 Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Congrats on the running!! That is such a great extra curricular activity to have!! Good luck on your 5k....i run them from time to time...they aren't that bad, and it is sooo satisfying to cross that finish line!! i'm looking forward to your 31 days of words to live by!! :)

  2. Good Luck on your run! I started running this spring, but had an injury that has sidelined me to the elliptical for a while...can't say I enjoy running but I do it because it is simple and it works. Thanks for commenting on my post as I have now found another great blog to follow! Cheers and Happy Wednesday!

  3. Awesome. I'm hoping to get back to running in the next couple of weeks. I miss that steady rythm and the balance that it gave me.

  4. How exciting - congratulations! Sounds like you are really enjoying the running experience and I know you'll do well at the 5K.

    Happy Autumn to you!!! :O)

  5. How wonderful. I always admire people who take up running. I wish I cared about it, because it HAS to be rewarding.

  6. Congrats!! That sounds like quite a plan :)

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