Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life is good while wearing a milk moustache

So today I came across a blog called A Beach Cottage and was inspired to go ahead and write this first post for Charcoal & crayons.

I spent yesterday setting everything up here and was wondering when and what the first post would be.

Since life has been good this Wednesday, I will link up to the Good Life Wednesday linky party over at  A Beach Cottage.

There are a couple simple things at our house that make life pretty good today.

I have been enjoying this beautiful bouquet that Chris had delivered on Valentine's Day.

The flowers came in what is called a Bloom Bag (basically a black bag filled with water) and are supposed to last 30% longer than if in a vase.

Since the bag is very plain, I've dressed it up by incorporating it into a special love themed centrepiece that includes a few things from around the house.

Upon closer look at the bouquet, I discovered that the pretty butterfly was made out of red feathers.

The red lantern ties in perfectly with the butterfly and even has little heart shaped cutouts - which I had never really noticed before putting this centrepiece together.

Two vintage books with red covers make the perfect pedestal for one of my favourite things.

It was a part of my Grandmothers music box collection.
As a child I would love to hold it and peer through the clear walls to watch the inner workings.

One of the books is an old biology text book.
Tucked inside, marking the page about the human heart, is the card that came with the flowers.

Another thing that made today particularly good was lunchtime with Oliver.
My happy little guy thoroughly enjoyed his roast beef and broccoli followed by one of his favourites - applesauce.

And although a little fuzzy, I was able to snap a couple pictures of Ollie's milk moustache.

These photos almost capture his gasps of joy when he drinks from his little red cup!

 Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Precious! What a wonderful Wednesday. The flowers are gorgeous and I love the way you arranged them. I especially love that music box! :)
    And your little guy is just precious!
    Have a blessed Thursday!!


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